Ask Jay Cutler: Part 2

Jay Cutler is known around the world as an inspiration not only for bodybuilders, but for anyone pushing their physical limits and capabilities. We gave fans around the world the opportunity to ask the legendary, four-time Mr. Olympia his advice on a variety of topics. Here are a few of his responses:

@victmanny: What is the best way to sculpt chest? Dumbbells, cables or bars?

Cutler: I actually prefer a lot of dumbbell work. I like to do something that works unilaterally, which is also the cable, which is constant tension. I think barbells are very dangerous, bench pressing is very dangerous, it’s not something I like to do that much. I always focus on 10-12 repetitions. Remember the diet’s going to do more things to sculpt the chest. It’s going to be the body fat that lies over the muscle, so as long as the diet’s in place, the training is going to focus on repetition ranges to get that really great pump and really get that sculpt to the chest through the nutrition, training and the consistency of what you do. That’s the most important.

@zade_king: What’s your take on artificial sweeteners during prep?

Cutler: I was always a Splenda user. I know a lot of new society is getting away from the sweeteners and doing more of the natural things. I always did Splenda, Equal, not so much Sweet N Low, but I always kept it in my prep, usually until the last week. Anything that mimics sugar and might spike your insulin, I think that’s kind of danger levels when you are trying to really get that dry, lean muscular physique in those last few days. I always suggest cutting those the last week out when you are training for competition. In general, I don’t think it will really affect anyone who is not in preparation for a strict competition.

@irishboy3891: What’s your ideal pre-workout meal or supplement for volume?

Cutler: So My ideal supplement for volume is going to be a pump product, citrulline, agmatine, something like that that’s really going to help with the pump. The meal I try to eat one-hour prior is going to be something that’s loaded with protein and carbohydrates but less fat. So, chicken and rice, sometimes I will have pasta and chicken. Something with a protein, carbohydrate combo just to give yourself enough fuel and give you that glycogen for the training process, which you are going to do for an hour to two hours of training. But usually an hour prior to working out is what I suggest.