In the Footsteps of Giants: Jay Cutler Mentors Regan Grimes

Look closely at the skyrocketing career path of Regan Grimes and you can’t help but to make comparisons to bodybuilding legend Jay Cutler. Like Jay, Regan turned pro at just 23 years old and immediately gained the attention of the bodybuilding world. Does he have what it takes to follow in Jay’s footsteps and claim bodybuilding’s ultimate title?

Regan sat down with Jay to share stories and advice in an impromptu interview. Here’s a brief recap of how it went down.

JAY: How old are you now?


JAY: I turned pro at 23. I just turned 23 at the Nationals and back then we had to win our class.

You have a lot of aesthetics and you havethe condition, you just need size now.I think the issue with me was I had the size I just needed to dial inthe conditioning and bring in thebalance, which I think is among your strongpoints. Now it’s just gaining overall size in all your body parts.

REGAN: Getting lean is not hard, I can do that, but it’s adding tissue, I just need to get density.

JAY: It’s just years of training that’s going to do that.

REGAN: Now I'm working with Chris Lewis and I'm finding it's helping a lot because it's like there's not a single workout that isn't good. No matter what, even if I'm not feeling it, he just pushes me through it every time. Did you ever have a trainer?

JAY:No, I always did it on my own. I waskind of on my own schedule. I trained in the morning, theafternoon, the middle of the night, I trainedat all different times. If someone says to me, “Alright I'llsee you at 1:00 the day before,”that's not my how my schedule works. You haveto really be on schedule with your mealsand I wasn't like that because somenights I didn't sleep so I would allow myselfto sleep later. Some days I get up earlyand I'm like I'm going to go to thegym now. I went by instinct alot with my training and diet.

REGAN: I came to California forthree weeks between the last show that Idid and that's when I startedworking with Chris Lewis. We were lifting heavy weights intothe show and I'd never done that before.I always kind of taper down, but I think it helped me grow a little bit into the show. He had me eating like 800 carbs a day for like a week anda half and I was like that’s a lot offood. I like it, I like food. He's like Jay and I, we did this for six weeks right into the show and we didn't stop. Every day was a high day.

JAY: Yeah, but that's when I looked my best. You know, there's no way you can have a bad

workout when you're eating 800 carbs a day. What are you aiming for in the next contest?

REGAN: So there's the New York Pro and I was thinking of doing Toronto. It’s like a week and a half later. That's in the first week of June and then there's like six more shows within eight weeks. So if you don't get the first one, you can keep going. I feel like doing Toronto in my hometown. I feel like that would be good.

JAY: So it's going to be consistently going to the gym on a day-in day-out basis. Every day is not going to be a rock star workout. You're going to have days where you walk in the gym and say shoot I don't want to be here. I was Mr. Olympia and I still questioned days I went into the gym. I'm like, “I just shouldn't be here right now,” but I still went through with it.

REGAN: Right.

JAY: The main thing is just to have the consistency and the persistence to keep doing it and not get discouraged. I think the most important thing is to stay positive, to put yourself in the best environments you possibly can. Follow the positivity of others. To be honest, I didn't have role models. I created my own way, my own path. I admired Arnold and like Dorian and Ronnie Coleman and Kevin Levrone and all these guys for different things. But I looked upon myself and said, “I'm going to learn to train my way. I'm going to learn to eat my way and I'm going to follow a career path my own way.” I mean obviously you can look at the champions and say I want to be where Phil Heath is and I want to win the Mr. Olympia, but you've got to do it in your own fashion, because that's how you want to write your legacy.

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