Jay Cutler: What to Eat Pre & Post Workout

Four-time Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler knows how to eat to win. We asked him what you should be putting in your body before, during and after a workout, and here’s what he recommends:

1 Hour Pre-Workout: Eat a solid meal to fuel up.
“My favorite pre-workout meal is eight ounces of grilled chicken breast and a cup and half of white rice,” says Jay. “I’ve always stuck with white rice. I know brown rice contains a little more fiber, but white rice seems to work the best for me.”

15 Minutes Pre-Workout: Pre-workout supplement

Intra Workout: BCAAs

1 Minute Post-Workout: 40-50 grams whey protein

“Bring the protein to the gym with you,” suggests Jay. That way, as soon as you finish your workout, you have a protein shake ready to go.

15 Minutes Post Workout: Carbohydrates

“After your protein shake, take a carbohydrate drink to refuel with simple sugars and restore glycogen. Obviously very important for you guys trying to put on muscle or the women that are trying to maintain more of a tighter look. You always have to eat carbohydrates after training. Let your body restore glycogen and of course, reset itself.”

1 Hour Post Workout: Eat another solid meal to refuel.

“Get in a solid meal like chicken and rice, or fish with sweet potato or baked potato,” says Jay.

2 Hours+ Post Workout:

“The meals after your post-workout meal can consist of protein, more vegetables, and depending on your goal, carbohydrates,” says Jay.

“Pre- and post-workout meals are so, so crucial,” says Jay. “You put so much time in the gym into the training, into the workouts which can be anywhere from one hour to two hours in the gym. You need to fuel around the workouts. Really focus on the diet and you continue to improve – that’s the only way you’re going to do it. All that combination together and just keep trying.”