Jose Raymond’s Favorite Exercises for Biceps, Triceps and Shoulders

Jose “The Boston Mass” Raymond knows what it takes to build a world class physique. He earned his size and strength through trial, error and years of hard work. Get in the gym with Jose as he gives you his tips on the favorite exercises he has relied on throughout the years. When you have been lifting as long as Jose, you learn to love the routines that build the most mass. These favorites aren’t the easiest or the most eye-catching— just the most tried and true methods that have earned results time and time again.

For biceps, The Boston Mass likes to keep it simple. Here are his best lifts for building massive biceps.

Single Arm Preacher Curls – Allows you to put your arms straighter and focus on one arm at a time.

Single Arm Concentration Curls – A true, iso-lateral exercise that allows you to focus on the muscle and the mechanics of your lift.

Rope Hammer Curl. These curls mimic hammer curls but you are holding the rope with the cable.


According to Mr. Raymond, the three best exercises for triceps are rope cable pulldowns, incline overhead dumbbell extensions and close grip bench press.

Rope Cable PulldownsStart really light, do 15-20 reps and gradually increase the weight. This provides a warm up so you can take on heavy loads later on.

Incline Overhead Dumbbell Extensions– This has been a staple of Jose Raymond’s triceps routine for years. It is essential to building powerful triceps.

Close Grip Bench Press –This old school technique allows you to lift the most amount of weight and ultimately gain the most amount of mass.


When it comes to working shoulders, here are a few of Jose’s favorites.

Dumbbell Lateral Raise – Start light and build to heavy. Concentrate on proper form through the lift.

Rear Delt Fly –Sit facing a pec deck machine and do reverse rear delt flys. Incorporate a lot of pause reps, pumping reps and go as heavy as you can, safely. From 4 to 6 sets.

Hammer Strength Shoulder Press Machine –While all the presses are valuable for building powerful shoulders, the shoulder press allows greater control and safety at heavy weight.

For your workout Jose encourages slow warm ups with light weight, deep stretching and always to keep it safe so you avoid injury.

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