Legend Pro™

LEGEND PRO™ is a powerful, pre-workout supplement designed specifically for those looking for an extreme energy boost to take their workouts beyond what they ever thought was possible. This pre-workout provides much more than just energy; it will have your mind dialed in to every rep of the workout with mind-bending clarity and focus along with sleeve-tearing pumps and road-map vascularity. *†
The Cutler Nutrition product development team worked with 4X Mr. Olympia, Jay Cutler, to create something that the market has never seen...the result was LEGEND PRO™. This pre-workout formula contains an array of energy boosting ingredients that provide intense energy from start to finish. Pairing those with our blend of clinically-studied nootropics, cutting edge pump ingredients and our Lean Muscle and Training Matrix Blend, are what sets LEGEND PRO™ apart from the rest. Get ready to experience extreme pumps, tunnel-vision focus and long-lasting energy. Can you handle what the pros use? *†
  • CDP-CHOLINE - CDP-Choline is a compound that is formed endogenously in the process of synthesizing phosphatidylcholine from choline. CDP-Choline is known to enhance cerebral energy and increase levels of several neurotransmitters. *†

  • COCOA SEED EXTRACT - Cocoa seed extract has been shown to have beneficial effects on digestive enzymes that may play an important role in body weight management. *†

  • GABA (GAMMA-AMINOBUTYRIC ACID) - GABA provides its user with feelings of well-being and improved brain health. GABA is produced naturally in the brain in smaller quantities, however, supplementing with GABA has the potential to relieve stress and promote healthy patterns. *†

  • GBB-EEC - Gamma-butyrobetaine ethyl ester chloride, also known as GBB-EEC is the precursor for L-carnitine. GBB-EEC has the ability to not only increase the body’s production of L-carnitine which helps the body turn fat into energy and may also support athletic performance. *†

  • GLYCEROL LACTATE - Due to its water retention properties, Glycerol Lactate can help increase hydration levels for longer, better training sessions. Glycerol Lactate also helps increase blood flow and support athletic performance. *†

  • LYCORIS RADIATA - Lycoris radiata contains a large group of alkaloids that may promote potent neurocognitive (brain) enhancement benefits. *†

  • RED WINE EXTRACT - Loaded with antioxidants in a concentrated dose, Red Wine Extract provides cardiovascular and overall health benefits as well as free radical protection and immune system support. *†