Total Carb™

For optimal athletic performance, adding in good carbohydrates to your diet is of great importance. Not ingesting enough carbs can result in a deficiency of macro and micro nutrients which could severely increase fatigue and decrease overall performance. TOTAL CARB™ is an advanced blend of carbohydrates within a proprietary glycogen replenishment matrix for rapid and full recovery post workout and for refueling your muscles when your body needs it most. *†
TOTAL CARB™ delivers the latest in carbohydrate science and is a fast digesting fuel source for your muscles. Since our bodies naturally have a limited glycogen storage capacity, when training, glycogen stores can run out fast. When glycogen levels are low, your muscles begin to use protein and amino acids as an energy replacement. This is the stage where our muscles start to feed off of themselves which can lead to muscle damage, prevent muscle growth, and decrease performance. TOTAL CARB™ is the simple solution to putting on and retaining muscle, as well as ensuring adequate nutrition for your overall health and to support your efforts in the gym. *†
  • AVOCADO POWDER EXTRACT - Avocados are a natural source of important electrolytes which are important for healthy muscle function and fluid balance. *†

  • HIGHLY BRANCHED CYCLIC DEXTRIN - This type of dextrin is produced from waxy corn starch and is highly soluble in water. Its unique structure allows for faster digestion than simple sugars while providing a steady supply of glucose to muscles and other tissues. *†

  • POTATO DEXTRIN - Research shows dextrin obtained from potatoes may have beneficial effects on the digestive system. *†

  • RICE DEXTRIN - Rice dextrin is a short chain glucose polymer made from rice. It is easily digested and provides quick energy. *†