Total Cuts™

Total Cuts™

Competitive athletes will many times use diuretics to help them remove that excess water weight and bring out more definition and muscle hardness. TOTAL CUTS™ by Cutler Nutrition adopts the basic diuretic formula and makes it user friendly (and stimulant free) with the addition of several natural ingredients for rapid water loss and weight management. *†
TOTAL CUTS™ includes important electrolytes to help regulate a healthy fluid balance and maintain optimal muscle performance for a harder, more shredded appearance. The TOTAL CUTS™ Matrix may relieve temporary water retention while supporting healthy kidney function and urinary health. *†
  • CAPSAICIN, TYROSINE, GREEN TEA - Supplementing with capsaicin, the amino acid tyrosine, and green tea extract may have beneficial effects on metabolism and promote fat loss. *†

  • HYDRANGEA RHIZOME & ROOT - The applicable parts of hydrangea are the rhizome and root. Researchers think hydrangea possesses mild diuretic activity. *†

  • JUNIPER BERRIES - Juniper berries are known to promote the excretion of water without electrolyte loss. *†

  • TARAXACUM OFFICINALE - Taraxacum officinale also known as Dandelion, contains a number of active compounds such as quercetin, luteolin, and chlorogenic acid. The leaves are known to have a high potassium content. *†

  • UVA URSI - Uva ursi is suggested to have diuretic properties. Research demonstrates that taking uva ursi and dandelion together can promote a healthy urinary tract. *†